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APAA is recognised for its commitment to education and raising the standards within its membership so that the public can be assured they are in the hands of competent professionals.


In the early 50s a group of dedicated beauty therapists, many of them with European qualifications, would get together and discuss issues of the profession’s public image and ethics, and so the plight to establish a professional body was birthed. For over 5 years informal meetings were held leading to the establishment of a strong network of passionately dedicated aestheticians.


This dedicated group pioneered the way for the first Australian Association to be established with a Constitution and A Code of Ethical Practice in October 1957. The association was named "THE ASSOCIATION OF PROFESSIONAL AESTHETICIANS OF AUSTRALIA".


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- Free Ad Hoc Legal Advice and Discounted Legal Services

- Discounted Insurance Facility

- MMI Financial Services

- Vehicle Acquisition

- Updates on Wage Awards

- Health Regulations

- Free Advice from our Industry Consultants

- The APAA Australasian Aesthetic Journal

- Discount Rates For Financial Products

- Australasian Aesthetic Educational Conference

- APAA National Awards of Excellence Gala Dinner

- National Educational Sponsors Programme

- Trademarked Specialist Professional Memberships Programme

- National Awards Program

- Client Referral

- Use of the APAA Logo

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APAA goals and directions for members

1. To establish and promote high standards of professional training for all members of the beauty industry.

2. To provide the services of an organisation which will confirm and promote the qualifications and standards of its members.

3. To provide a code of ethics which will set its members apart and defend their reputation against illegal practices.

4. To facilitate educational programs so that all members can be informed of new developments and progress in the industry.

5. To provide journal which is committed to accurate, up to date information on new research and development as well as industry news.

6. To provide forum for networking, discussions and interaction of its member to pursue the direction they perceive to be important.

7. To establish APAA Accredited Schools for the promotion of the principles of the Association.

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